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Troubleshooting Kubero installation

1. Kubero UI is not accessible

Check the Kubero UI CRD

kubectl get kubero -n kubero
Expected result
kubero 8d

Check if the Kubero UI is running

kubectl get pods -n kubero
Expected result
NAME                               READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
kubero-785c84f85f-d65t2 1/1 Running 0 6d18h
kubero-registry-7d6d5cdb74-8fqm2 1/1 Running 0 8d <---- Optional

Check the Kubero ingress

kubectl get ingress -n kubero
Expected result
NAME                      CLASS   HOSTS                      ADDRESS         PORTS     AGE
kubero nginx 80, 443 126d
kubero-registry-ingress nginx 80, 443 8d <---- Optional

Check if the DNS entry is correct

dig +noall +question +answer
Expected result
; <<>> DiG 9.10.6 <<>> +noall +question +answer
;; global options: +cmd
; IN A 11574 IN A

2. Kubero is not starting the apps

Make sure the Kubero CRDs are installed

kubectl get | grep kubero
Expected result                     2023-01-01T01:10:42Z 2023-01-01T01:10:43Z 2023-01-01T01:10:43Z 2023-01-01T01:10:43Z 2023-01-01T01:10:44Z 2023-01-01T01:10:44Z 2023-01-01T01:10:44Z 2023-01-01T01:10:45Z 2023-01-01T01:10:45Z 2023-01-01T01:10:45Z

Check if the Kubero operator is running

kubectl get pods --all-namespaces | grep kubero-operator-controller-manager
Expected result
kubero-operator-system   kubero-operator-controller-manager-XXXXXXXX-yyyyyyy   2/2     Running     2 (19h ago)     9d

Check the operators logs

The Namespace may be different on a OLM installation.

kubectl logs kubero-operator-controller-manager-XXXXXXXX-yyyyyyy -n kubero-operator-system -f
Expected result
{"level":"info","ts":1680789537.7990057,"logger":"helm.controller","msg":"Reconciled release","namespace":"tools-production","name":"cyberchef","apiVersion":"applicat^C{"level":"info","ts":1680789547.8039916,"logger":"helm.controller","msg":"Reconciled release","namespace":"kubero-demo","name":"demo","apiVersion":"","kind":"KuberoPipeline","release":"demo"}
{"level":"info","ts":1680789549.4616005,"logger":"helm.controller","msg":"Reconciled release","namespace":"tools-production","name":"rsshub","apiVersion":"","kind":"KuberoApp","release":"rsshub"}

3. You can't issue SSL Certs for your apps

Make sure your domain is accessible for letsencrypt

curl --insecure

Check the SSL Cert Manager

Make sure all Certmanager components are running

kubectl get pods -n cert-manager
Expected result
NAME                                      READY   STATUS      RESTARTS       AGE
cert-manager-99bb69456-x285b 1/1 Running 39 (39h ago) 171d
cert-manager-cainjector-ffb4747bb-cktsq 0/1 Completed 22 218d
cert-manager-cainjector-ffb4747bb-r8gbt 1/1 Running 43 (39h ago) 171d
cert-manager-webhook-545bd5d7d8-282n5 1/1 Running 0 171d

The logs of these pods may hint at what is going wrong.

Search for your signing request

kubectl get --all-namespaces
Expected result
NAMESPACE                       NAME                        APPROVED   DENIED   READY   ISSUER             REQUESTOR                                         AGE
demo-production node-tls-525dn True True letsencrypt-prod system:serviceaccount:cert-manager:cert-manager 194d
demo-production node-tls-cmzh7 True True letsencrypt-prod system:serviceaccount:cert-manager:cert-manager 74d
demo-production node-tls-h87n2 True True letsencrypt-prod system:serviceaccount:cert-manager:cert-manager 134d
demo-production node-tls-qt5v9 True True letsencrypt-prod system:serviceaccount:cert-manager:cert-manager 14d

Check your cluster issuer

kubectl get
Expected result
NAME               READY   AGE
letsencrypt-prod True 222d
kubectl get letsencrypt-prod -o yaml
Expected result
kind: ClusterIssuer
name: letsencrypt-prod
resourceVersion: "1467"
uid: 02bded44-f4f2-40e7-8c76-f66f0eaf0ca2
preferredChain: ""
name: letsencrypt
- http01:
class: nginx