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The easiest way to install Kubero is to use the Kubero CLI. It will install all required components and configure everything for you. It is also possible to install every component separately.

Currently the CLI has integrations the following Kubernetes providers:

  • scaleway
  • linode
  • gke
  • digitalocean
  • kind (local)

But it is possible to install Kubero on every Kubernetes cluster greater than 1.19.


1) Download and unpack the Kubero CLI binary for your operating system

Binaries (MacOS, Linux)

curl -fsSL | bash

Brew (MacOS, Linux)

brew tap kubero-dev/kubero
brew install kubero-cli

2) Run the kubero install command and follow the instructions

kubero install

Install/upgrade a single component

It is possible to install every component separately. with the "-c" flag. This is useful if you want to upgrade a single component.

kubero install -c kubero-operator

List of all available components:

  • kubernetes
  • olm
  • ingress
  • metrics
  • certmanager
  • kubero-operator
  • kubero-ui
  • all (default, runs all components in the best order)